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Take part in these Meet the Editors, Masters Classes, and Bootcamp Workshops live . . . or attend on your schedule with WMV streaming videos. Note: Live event purchases now also include bonus access to the On Demand recorded version. Just click on the title to order.

Review the event schedule below: You'll find high-level professional development conferences with extraordinary speakers on media relations skills, PR measurement, crisis communications, advanced PR technology, social media, and the nation's most influential media—a complete professional development program to meet all your training and updating needs.

Meet the Editors and Masters Class events run 90 minutes.

For more information on any of these events, go to frequently asked questions. Or phone 1-800-959-1059.


What Our Customers Say About PR University:

"All the speakers at your recent audio conference, 'Targeting PR to Tech Blogs,' were incredibly knowledgeable and gave me tips and techniques I'm already using in my daily practice. These speakers didn't just speak in general terms-they got very specific and shared relevant anecdotes to illustrate their points. Among many insights I picked up was the tip about creating your own blog as a means of building credibility, so you can highlight specific messages you want to circulate in the blogging community. The conference also showed how to make press releases 'blog friendly'-a technique I wasn't aware of. I'd definitely recommend Bulldog Reporter's PR University audio conferences to my colleagues."

Rose Kwass
Marketing Specialist, PC World


August 22

All PR agency principals want to run efficient, profitable firms, but few have systems in place for managing staff utilization (and avoiding over-servicing), setting fair, sensible fees, and managing costs as the business grows. Now Bulldog Reporter presents a half-day webinar workshop that gives PR agency principals, financial and operations execs solid metrics, ratios and operations policies guaranteed to increase your profitability this year, including: 1) Mastering the 12 traits of highly profitable agencies; 2) best financial management models, from key ratios to new budgeting and premium pricing criteria; and 3) the operational decisions and cash management best practices that affect your fortunes every day. Taught by PR agency management consultant and ProsperGroup Partner Alex Halbur, this event will provide instruction and practical templates on management reports (staff productivity, revenue, cash flow, and P&Ls), and even talent management management for cultivating an agency-wide profit. Join us on Friday, August 22, 1PM-5PM ET (10AM-2PM PT) from the comfort of your office or conference room. To see specific topics, print out the brochure

August 28

If you’re feeling pressure to prove digital ROI, then this is one event you can’t afford to miss. Not only will leading measurement guru Katie Paine walk you through her proven, practical five-step methodology for setting, tracking and presenting your very own digital KBI (“Kick Butt Index”) to management—but social media experts and co-presenters Allan Gungormez (Transamerica), Andy Williams (Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Nebraska), Leslie Drate (NVIDIA) and Megan Ganee (The Salvation Army) will also share the latest monitoring tools, dashboards, techniques and key performance indicators (KPIs) that most impress the C-suite when it comes to proving the value of social media efforts. In just 90 information-packed minutes, you’ll learn how to design social media programs that move the needle, how to define bottom-line objectives from the start and how to analyze the results of any online program or initiative—regardless of which social media channels you’re using. You’ll come away with practical checklists, timely tips, new metrics and—best of all—a clear method for measuring your next social media campaign.

September 4

If you would like to learn the latest success metrics your boss or client’s execs crave—and new methods for assuring, measuring and presenting those results so you can gain influence and impact, this session is for you. Join PR measurement expert Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research, who will reveal the latest findings on what execs expect from PR—and teach you how to prove your value by supporting outcomes that contribute to corporate objectives every time you launch a campaign. He will also show you how to equate PR outputs with sales generation—and the best KPIs, dashboards, tracking tools and measurement tricks for proving your effectiveness. You’ll come away with checklists, a process for measuring the successes of your campaigns—and best of all—how to use this research and measurement to increase your clout and credibility. If you’re feeling pressure to prove ROI and gain influence in the C-suite, then this is one event you can’t afford to miss.

September 5

How would you like to hear firsthand from influential tech editors what they’ll be covering—and the ways you can successfully pitch them? With competition for tech media exposure at an all-time high, you need tenacity to get that placement in top tech press. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you also happen to know what editors are looking for and where their coverage is trending. Learn the secrets of building lasting media relationships and winning more coverage from this PR University panel of insiders—including Tim Bajarin, technology columnist, Time and PCMag; Howard Whitman, senior managing editor, Dealerscope Magazine, Technology Integrator Magazine and Electronic Lifestyles Magazine; Steven Levy, senior writer, Wired; Tom Foremski, Editor and Publisher, “Silicon Valley Watcher”; Robert Scoble, Scobleizer; and others. You’ll hear the freshest insights on scoring coverage, discover the top tech trends editors expect to cover—and how you can tie your product or service to them so you can score ink in top-tier, holy-grail tech media. 

September 11

How would you like to learn the best tips and techniques that will take your writing skills to the next level of clarity and confidence—so you’ll be able to apply those newfound talents to create riveting, persuasive and impactful press releases and other online PR materials? Learn the very latest PR writing techniques—including SEO and micro-content tactics—in this 90-minute advanced writing workshop presented by instructor Michael Smart, formerly the Brigham Young University National News Director. Not only will he teach you to write compellingly to the general public, press, social media and search engines—but you’ll also discover what’s wrong with the current state of PR writing, how best to organize press releases—and how to crank out media-worthy headlines and snappy leads that give journalists everything they need to file stories. You’ll leave this information-packed session with silver bullets sure to add flair to your writing—and proven templates that will help you outline and map your writing strategy—so you please both your bosses and your audiences. 

September 18

How valuable would it be to learn seven key factors that will improve the long-term profitability of your agency? How would you like to learn the critical ratios you must achieve to maximize profits—and how to achieve them?As the economy rebounds, it isn’t enough to simply chase new business. To prosper, you must have systems in place that monitor your performance and profitability—and that maximize return on the business. But what are the critical ratios you must achieve? How can you set proper billing rates and billable targets? What management reports will help you best monitor performance? What is the effect and influence of salary increases? How can you control over-servicing? Learn the answers to these questions—and more—in this intensive training session with Rick Gould, CPA, JD, and author of “The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook.” We guarantee you’ll leave this 90-minute session with practical checklists and methodologies you can use to increase profits, create greater financial stability and maximize your career success immediately.

September 19

What separates the PR or IR professional who commands respect and attention from financial influencers . . . from those who do not? How would you like to ensure you’re equipped to work credibly with financial experts and Wall Street pros to move the needle on your corporate objectives? How would you like to command proven skills for presenting your case to the financial media, analysts and money managers? Good news: The key to success in communicating with financial media, money managers and analysts is taking your traditional PR and media relations skills to the next level of nuance and sophistication. In this 90-minute session, you’ll hear both from those who work in the field of Wall Street media as well as from IR and PR professionals—such as Gwen Rosenberg, VP of investor relations at Senomyx, Bernard Kilkelly, VP, NIRI NY, Tom Campo, President, Campo Communications, LLC, Rob Berick, Managing Director, Falls Communications and moderator Jess Todtfeldt, media trainer and former producer at “FOX and Friends”—whose success relies on knowing how to work with financial industry gatekeepers. To get you up to speed quickly, our panelists will describe the hot buttons and strategic issues of investor relations, as well as the do’s and don'ts for keeping Wall Street media and investors informed and gratified.

September 25

How would you like to learn the production and social media sharing secrets of the “Most Watched Brand Video of All Time”—so you can boost your own client or brand’s viral video reach? This in-depth session will reveal the best practices behind the amazing “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign—which achieved over 165 million views in 25 countries. Presented by Mark Adams, director at The Audience, Hollywood producer/visual marketing expert Cokey Falkow, and others, this event will give you the tools and techniques you need to master the ins-and-outs of shareable online video. You’ll hear how top social media brands have successfully created, promoted and capitalized on Web video and channels like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and Vine to reach wider audiences—so you can do the same. If you’re ready to reach more consumers with your video content so you can build your online brand, gain new followers, generate sales and deliver maximum ROI, then plan to attend this intensive, 90-minute webinar. Our exclusive panel will show you how to plan, script and shoot stellar videos … and how to distribute them for millions of views. 

September 26

Learn how your organization can take advantage of powerful new SEO strategies and techniques to dramatically increase the visibility of your press releases, online newsroom, social media, backgrounders, videos, white papers, website—all your communications. If you haven’t retooled your SEO play book in the past six months to incorporate new search algorithms and such elements as visual content, Facebook Search and mobile search, now is the time: Once you take advantage of today’s new tagging strategies, writing and sharing techniques, you’re bound to skyrocket your search rankings. This hands-on, half-day webinar workshop will give you the skills you need to create, implement and measure a cost-effective SEO plan, step by step. This workshop is by digital PR expert Sally Falkow live on Friday, September 26. Regular price is $695 but if you register by Friday, August 29, you save $200; register by September 12 and save $100.  Go to online details, print our 3-page brochure or phone 1-800-959-1059.



What is a webinar?

A webinar is just like an audio conference, except it also includes simultaneous on-screen visual aids, such as Power Point slides, illustrations or video, streamed over the Internet and displayed on your computer monitor. Our webinars run 90 minutes in length.

When are PR University webinars held?

Most PR University conferences are held on Thursdays and Fridays, and all take place at 10:00AM PT, 11:00AM MT, 12:00, Noon CT, and 1:00PM ET.

How much do the webinars cost?

Webinar Registrations
Single events = $299
Pay for two events and receive three events = $598 (33% savings)
Buy three events and receive five events = $897 (40% savings)
PR University Passport $1,695 - $1,995 (Unlimited access to 60+ ninety-minute webinars annually)

For an even more incredible value check out our Passport Savings program. Normally, PR University events are a great value at $299 each, but this special package allows your team to attend Live or On Demand events (or a mixture) for one low fee. The Passport allows you to attend all 60 webinars for one low price of $1,695—Live or On Demand. Save even more by purchasing a Live and On Demand Passport for just $1,995.

REFUNDS: Cancellations received before 5:00PM Pacific time at least 48 hours prior to any event may receive a full refund, less a $25 service charge.

What's included in your audio conference or webinar registration?

  • A site license to attend the 90-minute webinar (invite as many colleagues as you can fit around your computer, at no extra charge)
  • PR University's conference manual, which includes speakers' slides and illustrations, up-to-the-minute, verified contact information and background on the panel.
  • The opportunity to connect with any or all of the speakers during the audience Q&A session or live pitch

What is PR University "On Demand"?

PR University "On Demand" gives you streaming video presentations of past Bulldog Reporter's very best webinars—or events you will not be able to attend in the future. If you miss any of our great events, you still have a chance to view these "encore" sessions. Best of all, you and your staff can schedule "On Demand" training sessions anytime you want — as many times as you want for up to 90-days after the broadcast date .

How can I register?

To register for any conference or purchase an event on-demand, just click on the title in the event list or call Bulldog Reporter's Sales Department at 1-800-959-1059. Registrations for each event are accepted until 9:30AM Pacific time, the morning of the conference. But because most conferences are supported by printed materials, we encourage early registration, so these materials can be delivered to you in advance via email.

For more information on any of these events—or to register—phone 1-800-959-1059.

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